RegionsAdapt Progress Report 2023 – Addressing Climate Justice in Regional Adaptation Planning and Actions

RegionsAdapt, the flagship climate initiative of Regions4, unites leading regions in climate change adaptation, fostering collaboration and capacity building. Annually, Regions4 releases a report, based on CDP data and BC3 interviews, detailing ambitious actions by regional governments in adapting to climate change. This publication enhances understanding, measures progress, and facilitates shared learning among participating regions.

Since joining the Race to Resilience Campaign in 2021, RegionsAdapt’s annual progress reports serve as a testament to regional governments’ contributions to the Race to Resilience campaign and their progress on RegionsAdapt commitments.

This year’s report not only continues reporting to the Race to Resilience Campaign but introduces a groundbreaking thematic exploration into climate justice. It illustrates how regional governments integrate vulnerable communities and climate justice dimensions into their climate adaptation strategies.

The report features 16 short stories exemplifying how regional governments navigate the intricate landscape of climate justice and inclusion. From innovative policies to community-driven initiatives, each story is a testament to the transformative power of resilience.