Why become a member?

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Regions4 member:

Engagement with the United Nations (UN)

Regions4 facilitates the participation and engagement of members in major global events and summits. Its privileged position enables contact with international agencies and leaders, creating unique opportunities for regional governments to be acknowledged and heard.

High international visibility

Regions4 network offers a number of opportunities for members to promote their leadership and most innovative actions in sustainable development worldwide.

Enhanced cooperation

Regions4 supports and co-funds cooperation projects and partnerships between members and other international stakeholders. The network also promotes multi-level dialogue and facilitates access to funding opportunities.

Capacity building

Regions4 promotes expertise exchange, peer learning and capacity building among its members, as well as between members and international experts. As a focus-oriented knowledge hub, it also facilitates quick access to specialised and quality information.

How to become a member?

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    Over 40 regions already in the Regions4 network

    Regions4 impelled us to accelerate the creation of our climate change strategy, enlarging our territorial capacities through the access to the latest innovations and best practices at the regional level throughout the world. Eduardo Trani Sub Secretary of Environment - Sao Paulo
    Regions4 is an influential political platform. It played a decisive role at COP14 by strengthening the bonds between regions and the CBD, and it has established a strong climate change adaptation network that is entirely dedicated to regions and actively involved in various initiatives of the UNFCCC. Benoit Charette Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change - Quebec
    Regions4 greatly supports South members to improve their capacities. Thanks to my stay in Quebec with Regions4 funding I was able to create important partnerships for my Departmental Council and to improve my climate and biodiversity skills Mamadou Ndong Touré Climate Officer, Departmental Council of Gossas, Senegal