a pioneering initiative dedicated to empowering subnational governments worldwide to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

We are a global platform of 75+ States and regions leading on climate adaptation

Join a trilingual platform (English, Spanish, French) connecting you with over 75 regional governments.

Access our capacity-building opportunities and explore our extensive library of publications, reports, videos.

Share your stories in the United Nations Race to Resilience, RegionsVoice campaign, and other partner communications for greater visibility of your actions.

Our Mission:

Showcasing Regional Leadership

We facilitate global connections among states and regions, promoting knowledge exchange and sharing best practices through events, Communities of Practice, and our Knowledge Hub.

Advocating for Climate Action and Finance

We advocate for policies and finance mechanisms prioritizing climate resilience at the subnational level. Through our #RegionsVoice campaign, we amplify regional government expertise at Climate COPs to drive meaningful action.

Leading Regions in the Race to Resilience

We guide regions in the Race to Resilience initiative, sharing subnational government's play their part in this global movement.

Transparent Progress Tracking

We share the adaptation progress of States and Regions through data analysis and our comprehensive RegionsAdapt annual reports.

Want to know more on how States and Regions are advancing on climate adaptation?

Discover global adaptation progress firsthand! Explore our progress tracker page for key figures and insights on regional action.

Join us to strengthen and demonstrate your climate leadership

Subnational governments joining RegionsAdapt must commit to four essential steps of the adaptation cycle:

  1. Assess

    climate change impacts through risk and vulnerability assessments that include all vulnerable communities

  2. Plan

    and adopt an ambitious adaptation plan or programme mainstreaming adaptation into other sectoral policies and including the most vulnerable populations

  3. Act

    implement concrete adaptation actions in identified adaptation actions in identified priority areas and

  4. Report

    annually on their progress though RegionsAdapt / CDP reporting platform to inform and improve policies and actions

What's is in it for your State or Region?

Access to guidance and resources

Dive into our collection of publications, reports, and videos to gain valuable insights into subnational climate resilience.

Share Your Expertise

Contribute your knowledge, experiences, and best practices in climate adaptation to our global network. Your insights will be showcased in various formats and platforms, ensuring high international visibility.

Participate in Events

Engage in our Communities of Practice, webinars, and high-level events to learn from experts, exchange ideas, and connect with peers in the field.

Demonstrate leadership

Join the Race to Resilience Campaign and report your progress through the CDP States and Regions questionnaire.

Our Activities

Financing Resilience International Forum
27 June at 9:30 am

Financing Resilience International Forum

Shaping a Resilient Future: Unleashing Finance at the Subnational Level A

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Policy-Science Dialogue “Supporting Adaptation Planning at the Regional Level by Connecting Knowledge to Policy Implementation”
07 May at 3:00 pm

Policy-Science Dialogue “Supporting Adaptation Planning at the Regional Level by...

Event description  In the face of escalating climate change impacts, effective

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Regions4 Learning Session -Nature at the Heart: Regions paving the way for multilevel governance across UN global Agendas
04 April at 3:00 pm

Regions4 Learning Session -Nature at the Heart: Regions paving the...


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Tracking Subnational Progress on Adaptation


In the Race to Resilience