Regions 4 is officially recognised before several entities of the United Nations (UN) system: UNFCCC, CBD, UNDESA, UNEP and UNDP. Our accreditation to the main global events on climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development enables members to:
  • Participate in major international events

    With the opportunity to showcase their leading actions internationally; taking part in coalitions and affirming international commitments; and for members with budgetary limitations, benefiting from financial support for attendance.

  • Networking

    Through facilitated access to intergovernmental bodies, international organisations and key stakeholders, and exclusive meetings with UN leaders and heads of governments.

  • Follow-up global negotiations

    And the possibility to access decision-making processes, political and technical discussions to advance multi-level governance.

Regions4 is an influential political platform. It played a decisive role at COP14 by strengthening the bonds between regions and the CBD, and it has established a strong climate change adaptation network that is entirely dedicated to regions and actively involved in various initiatives of the UNFCCC. Benoit Charette Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change - Quebec

Capacity building & Knowledge exchange

Thanks to our wide and diverse network and partnership agreements with the UN, EU and other intergovernmental entities, as well as with academia and expert organisations, Regions4 members can benefit from:
  • Learning opportunities

    Through our projects and our broad range of activities focused on peer learning, as well as technical exchange and training.


  • Specialised information

    Including the access to tools and resources and the opportunity to take part in major publications and reports focused on the regional level.

Regions4 impelled us to accelerate the creation of our climate change strategy, enlarging our territorial capacities through the access to the latest innovations and best practices at the regional level throughout the world. Eduardo Trani Sub Secretary of Environment - Sao Paulo


Regions4 matches needs and competences of its members and key stakeholders to create cooperation opportunities. Besides tracking funding opportunities, Regions4 co-funds joint projects through:
  • Call for Projects

    A Regions4 program that invests in new collaborations or in existing partnerships among Regions4’s members to develop projects focused on knowledge exchange or raising awareness.

Regions4 does exceptional work in matching regional governments’ competences and creating opportunities for technical cooperation. These exchanges help us to manage the risks of climate change and improve our resilience. Elena Moreno Former Deputy Minister for the Environment - Basque Country

Fields of action

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