The Regions4 Visiting Experts Program fosters bilateral cooperation, capacity building and knowledge transfer among Regions4 members. The objective of the program is to improve the knowledge and capacity of technical experts to help them address their professional and often common challenges, and ultimately produce more effective and efficient results in the development of their daily duties.

The program fosters descentralised cooperation (North-South and South-South) by providing a stipend that allows visiting experts to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.


  • Dozens of technical experts have been benefited

    Since its launch, in 2015, 8 member regions have received training and have improved their capacities in climate change, sustainable development and biodiversity issues.

  • 6 regions from the North and South hemispheres participated in the first call

    The regions of Azuay and Sao Paulo had the chance to have a learning experience in the Basque Country; Goias visited Sao Paolo to deepen its knowledge on forest and biodiversity management. Gossas had a stay in Quebec to learn on biodiversity, climate change fight and renewable energies.

  • Call opens once a year

    The call welcomes the proposals from all Regions4 members willing to travel to a fellow member region and learn from them.

  • Participants share their findings among their peers

    Participating experts are encouraged to share and spread their acquired knowledge among their peers and among other Regions4 members.

Activities and outcomes

The purpose of the Visiting Experts Program is to strengthen the capacities of Regions4’s members through a learning experience on institutional, technical and financial issues related to climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development.

Since its launch in 2014, the following regions have benefited from the program:

  • 2015 call: Azuay- Basque Country, knowledge shared on climate change adaptation, biodiversity management, polluted soils treatment, waste management, sustainable development policies and involvement of the private sector in sustainable actions; Sao Paolo-Basque Country, on forest management and wood certification and Goias-Sao Paolo, exchanged experiences on forest and biodiversity management.
  • 2018 call: Quebec and Gossas: learning experience on climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency, biodiversity and sustainable forestry.

Why join this project?

  • Capacity building: Increase technical capacities by learning from a fellow Regions4 member.

  • Foster cooperation: Promote cooperation among subnational governments aiming at exchange expertise, create partnerships and enable joint projects on all scales.

  • Knowledge Exchange: Have a learning experience with top technical experts from all over the world.

  • Pragmatic results: Improve technical capacities of officers to best address their challenges on the ground.

Join the Visiting Experts Program

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