Regions4’s flagship initiative for the mobilization and localization of the SDGs seeks to boost greater ambition within the UN Decade of Action to deliver the Global Goals by:

  1. Promoting the exchange of best practices, peer-review, and mutual support to overcome the challenges of the 2030 Agenda.
  2. Supporting the effective development of regional strategies aligned with the SDGs.
  3. Advocating for more ambitious results at the country-level while positioning regions as benchmarks to the United Nations system.

The Community of Practice – Regions4SDGs aims at
accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, strengthening territorial approaches, as well as integrating regional processes, in contribution to the achievement of the global goals. 

This platform offers a collaborative experience, catalyzing the synergies among regions worldwide, and fostering policy coordination, collective implementation, monitoring, and follow-up. 


  • 29 regions in action

    Representing nearly 177,842,746‬ million inhabitants.

  • Online and face-to-face events

    The Community of Practice meets both virtually and face-to-face enhancing international connections, capacity-building on key topics, as well as cooperation among regions, Parties, and partner organisations.  

  • Regions voice at the UN 

    The collective work and outcomes of the Community of Practice serve to feed the UN processes and decision-making on SDGs, ensuring meaningful participation of regions at major events such as the High-Level Political Forum that takes place annually.  


Building on successful previous knowledge exchange experiences, Regions4 has organised a series of webinars with the aim to support member regions in SDGs-related policy efficiency, inclusiveness, and decision-making in their territories.

The series “Regions Voice in UN reporting” will feature in-depth webinars analyzing Voluntary Subnational Reviews (VSRs) experiences, exploring practical tools, and sharing knowledge and lessons for future planning.

The sessions are co-led by member regions wishing to share their leadership, achievements, and reflections with our constituency, enabling further cooperation and capacity-building among territories.


Why join this project?

  • Awareness and visibility: Increase knowledge and engagement on the implementation of the SDGs.

  • Strategic information: Showcase and report internationally the experiences and challenges on SDGs monitoring and evaluation.

  • Knowledge Exchange: Access to a global community of good practices and mutual support.

  • Capacity Building: Deploy tools and methodology using a territorial approach to the SDGs.

Join the Community of Practice - Regions4SDGs!

We look forward to collaborating with your regional government or organization.

    Eugenio Amato, responsible
    of this project:

    Eugenio Amato

    Sustainable Development Officer