The Global Week to #ACT4SDGs will take place from 18 – 26 September with the aim to mobilise and consolidate a global movement of people who stand behind the Goals, to take action and to demand world leaders accelerate progress and hold to their commitments to the 2030 Agenda.

Regions4 joins this global movement bringing the voice of regional governments worldwide for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda as a roadmap for a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient recovery.

In his video message, Regions4 Secretary General, Iñaki Susaeta, calls for global action, from a multi-level governance perspective, with a strong regional focus:  

“The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals recognise the interconnected nature of all life on earth, hence, it remains the most ambitious roadmap to respond to the pandemic and its broad impacts, while achieving inclusive, sustainable, and resilient territories.

Regional governments are key drivers for sustainable development, and we must ensure that they are empowered for the effective policy making, implementation, and achievement of the global goals.

Building alliances and a multilateral system that supports decentralised cooperation and a regional approach to the 2030 Agenda will also increase our global capacity to response to present and future global challenges. It will contribute to a truly impactful transformation. 

We will continue to elevate the commitment of regions towards the localisation of the global goals and raise RegionsVoice. The voice of our territories and the millions of citizens that we represent for the achievement of the global goals, for the future that we want, leaving no one and no place behind.“

Regions4 Vice President for Africa, Ms Aatimad Zahidi, Member of the Committee on Territorial Management and Development and Environment of Rabat Salé-Kenitra (Morocco) also joined the campaign stating “We have to work hard and make the right political decisions to move all people and our territories towards a sustainable future. It’s our mission. With our commitment, we will succeed.”

On the other hand, Mr Sergio Graf, Secretary for Environment and Territorial Development of Jalisco (Mexico) and Regions4 Vice President for America made a call for urgent action as “the achievement of the 2030 Agenda is directly linked to environmental action to protect our biodiversity, the generation of green jobs to reduce poverty and the fight against climate change for the health of our planet”. See the full message below.

Regions4 members wishing to join the campaign and share a video message, can do so by getting in touch with Mayra García-Blásquez at

For more information on our work on SDGs please click here or contact Ivy Moraes, Sustainable Development Programme Manager at