As part of its efforts to bridging the gap between the three environmental agendas of Biodiversity, Climate Action and Sustainable Development, Regions4 presents a two-pager titled “Regional Governments at the Forefront of Jointly Tackling the Twin Biodiversity and Climate Crises” released in preparation of its 2023 General Assembly. The document, designed exclusively for Regions4 members, underscores the importance of linking climate change and biodiversity loss whilst providing actionable steps for regional governments to enhance their impact and contribute to a more sustainable, balanced, and inclusive world.  

The report also emphasises the essential role of subnational leadership in achieving the objectives outlined in international environmental agendas and advocates for a coherent, integrated approach to address the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change while maintaining sustainable development gains. 

Additionally, it outlines opportunities for Regions4 members to actively participate in initiatives such as the Advisory Committee on Subnational Governments to the Convention on Biological Diversity, coordinated by Regions4 and the Government of Quebec; joining the RegionsAdapt initiative, led by Regions4’s Climate Action Programme and engaging in the High-Level Political Forum and SDG Summit

Highlighting the interconnected nature of the climate and biodiversity crises, the two-pager, available in the networks three official languages (English, French and Spanish), calls on regional governments to take proactive measures and assume leadership roles in driving transformative change.  

Report available here

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