More than ever, measuring progress on adaptation is required to accelerate our response
to climate change and develop of common understanding of the progress that can be shared
to the citizens, the UN, and other international instances, such as the Race to Resilience
campaign. Regional governments have been leaders in some of the necessary
transformations, developing integrated territorial strategies across sectors to respond to
the current climate emergency. In this community of practice webinar, regional
governments will be sharing experiences and best practices on how to measure and
qualify the success of adaptation measures is necessary to improve practices and inform
global processes, regional Governments will share, in RegionsAdapt’s Community of
Practice webinars, the ways in which they are implementing and measuring at regional
level with metrics or frameworks to assess progress adaptation and resilience within their
territory, that can be adapted or replicated in other regions.

RegionsAdapt is Regions4 climate initiative gathering more than 77 regional
governments. It mobilizes ambition and action on climate adaptation by facilitating access
to the latest innovations, tools, and best practices at the regional level. Through
knowledge exchange, capacity building, advocacy, monitoring, and reporting,
RegionsAdapt catalyzes innovation on adaptation, fosters cooperation, and supports
regional governments to improve their resilience.

RegionsAdapt Community of Practice offers a space for regional governments to present
their expertise and to learn from each other, discuss and engage, on a series of key
webinars on focused topics on adaptation, so as to help them gain capacity and improve
their own policies and activities on adaptation.

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