The Governments of Lombardy and Scotland, in collaboration with Regions4 and Under2 Coalition, organised an international meeting of subnational governments from all over the world to share their on-going policies to boost the actions against climate change, enhance the resilience of the territories and inspire the goals for the negotiation at the next COP 26 in Glasgow.

The official Pre-COP26 event for and from regional governments had the participation of the UN High-Level Climate Champion Nigel Topping, and high-level representatives from 17 regional governments, as well as the ENVE Commission.

During this event, regions discussed the importance of securing global net-zero by 2050, adaptation to protect communities and natural habitats, mobilising finance, and working together to deliver this results.

The event produced a set of guidelines and demands that would be carried to the COP26 as a call to action by regional governments.

The event was moderated by Regions4 Secretary General, Natalia Uribe.

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