The Loss and Damage agenda is a growing agenda within climate conventions, and concern for regions in the world, already affected by the effects of climate change.  

The impacts of climate change are no longer distant or theoretical. Both sudden and slow onset events are causing losses and damages to nature and people, with those least responsible being affected first and most severely. Alongside the negotiations on Loss and Damage, a focus on practical steps to help address the needs of communities suffering the acutest impacts is also needed. 

his conference will explore how we can drive solutions and consider best practice for addressing losses and damages and build a community of practitioners. The Scottish Government, in collaboration with the High-Level Champions team and the Global Resilience Partnership, aim to reach across the international community and to bring together all those with valuable experience, evidence and expertise in this field, from the international to community levels. We, therefore, ask of you the following: 

·      Save the date! The Scottish government will share, through Regions4, with you soon invitations and registration details. 

·      Add to the attendee list: If you would like to suggest fellow organisations or representatives, please get in touch

·      Need a visa? If you would like to attend the conference in person and would require a supporting letter for a visa application, please contact:  soon as possible. 

Please note, attendance may be capped at two representatives per organisation, depending on spaces available. 

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