Organised by the European Committee of the Regions, Regions4 and ICLEI, the virtual session will take part in the framework of the 2020 European Week of Regions and Cities on 20 October at 14:30-16:00 CEST.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that direct and indirect human-induced biodiversity loss and degrading ecosystem services destroy the system that supports human life. The more biodiverse an ecosystem is, the more difficult it is for a pathogen to spread rapidly or dominate. Loss of biodiversity provides an opportunity for pathogens to pass between animals and people. 

Investing in biodiversity protection and conservation is, therefore, a strategic investment both in the long-term as a preventive measure to feature pandemics and epidemics; but also in the short-term as a socio-economic recovery measure. 

This session shares the successful EU cities and regions already committed to halting biodiversity loss and ecosystem services degradation, especially after COVID-19. It is also an invitation to hear from EU cities and regions on their long-term goals and vision for 2030 on biodiversity.


Julia Ježina, YEP & Deputy Mayor, Murter Kornati, Croatia.


Roby Biwer, Member of Bettembourg Municipal Council, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, Luxembourg.
Raffaele Cattaneo, Minister for the Environment and Climate, Lombardy region, Italy.
Juan Espadas Cejas, Alcalde, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, Spain.
Alba GORDÓ, City councillor, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain.
Aino KULONEN, Environmental coordinator, Lahti, Finland.
Stefan LEINER, Head of Unit, Biodiversity Unit, DG ENV, European Commission, Belgium.
Harriet TIEMENS, Vice-Mayor, City of Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Registration availble from 27 August – 27 September.

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