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03 September at 12:00 am

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03 September at 12:00 am


International Conference on Climate Change

Dates: 6-8 March, 2019; Location: San Sebatian – Spain

Coming under the UN “Momentum for Change” initiative and in line with the Paris Agreement, the International Conference Change the Change will provide a cutting-edge vision of the climate change challenges facing the planet and will showcase the initiatives and actions that are making a difference to our environment.

The Conference will have the participation of representatives at the highest level who currently lead the social, economic, institutional and political commitment to face climate change.

It will also show initiatives of “Heroes and heroines of the planet”: cutting-edge projects around the world that are an inspiration and represent a call to action for all sectors, governments and citizens across the board.

The Conference will be held as part of the Basque Country’s Climate Change Week organised at different locations throughout the region. Introducing an innovative proposal of micro-meetings, presentations of inspiring projects, exhibitions and other side events, the celebration will have the participation of sectors such as industry, science, politics and culture, and of international networks including nrg4SD.

The aim is to engage citizens to embrace the personal commitment to fight climate change, on the premise that any action, however small, makes a difference.

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nrg4SD General Assembly

Dates: 4-5 March, 2019; Location: Bilbao – Spain

Alongside the International Conference on Climate Change, nrg4SD and the Government of the Basque Country, in its role as nrg4SD Vice-President of Europe, will host the 2019 General Assembly on the 4th and 5th of March, 2019, in Bilbao.

The General Assembly is the highest authority responsible of the general policy of nrg4SD and has the broadest competence with a view to achieving the goals of the organisation.

In 2019 the event is a must-see for all nrg4SD members; it will bring important news and will inaugurate an extraordinary phase for nrg4SD.

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