Nature and science speak with their deeds: weather conditions are becoming ever more extreme with all the consequences that entails: heat waves, melting ice, hazards to human health,… Ensuring a climate-resilient and safe future is a complex task at hand, hence, establishing measures and reporting on impact at regional level, continues to be crucial to achieve that goal.  

RegionsAdapt in partnership with CDP calls on all regional governments to report information for the 2021 disclosure process, contributing to accelerating climate action, advocating for a multi-level governance approach, and giving regions their voice in this process on the road to COP26. 

Preparing for the reporting process 

The CDP States and Regions 2021 questionnaire and guidance has been launched. Through both documents, participants can see the type of information that is requested this year and the objectives that are being pursued. 

To prepare for the release of the reporting platform, which will  run by the end of March until the end of July 2021, interested actors can access both the questionnaire as the reporting guidance: 

Over 130 states and regional governments already participate in the project. To follow in their footsteps please click here

A relevant process for COP26 

Disseminating information on their experiences, regional governments manage to become part of an international movement towards accelerating climate action, betting on the transition towards a resilient economy. 

Leading up to COP26, the process offers a platform for participating regions to demonstrate their commitment at the international level. The benefits of reporting are multiple, and the following aspects stand out above all: 

  • Transparency and accountability are demonstrated for publicly reporting environmental information and committing to addressing the climate crisis. 
  • Practical information can be accessed,  through the  Open Data Portal  
  • Join us and showcase your region’s ambition through a global network: CDP is the official partner of the RegionsAdapt initiative and publicly disclosed data is used by the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal (GCAP). 
  • Take stock of your region’s climate adaptation progress by fulfilling the RegionsAdapt third commitment of reporting annually. Disclosed data is used to feed the annual RegionsAdapt Brief Report, launched every year in the framework of the UNFCCC COP. 
  • Engaging with investors to show relevant projects to capital markets within the CDP’s Matchmaker program  

Reporting your region’s efforts will not only help us to track your progress on climate action, but will also allow you to learn the successful experiences from others and therefore, improve your actions and get global support and access to unique tools that will guide you on your journey to a sustainable and resilient territory.  

Further information

For additional queries and support on the 2021 disclosure process, please contact the RegionsAdapt Project Officer, Mayra García-Blásquez at

To learn about the results of the 2020 disclosure, see the RegionsAdapt Brief Report.