• Climate Change

Objectives of the action

The project to improve resilience to climate change in the Malka forest aims to follow a sustainable development and climate change process to contribute to increasing land cover and biodiversity management.

Specific objectives

  • Reduce the rate of desertification in the department of Gossas by promoting energy efficiency (improved cookstoves).
  • Improve the adaptive capacity of local populations through awareness-training, and reforestation through the creation of carbon reservoirs.

Target groups

Young people and women from villages bordering (classified forest) CF Malka (60,000 inhabitants).

Expected results

  • Malka forest restoration through conservation and reforestation actions.
  • Strengthening the resilience of populations exposed to climate risks.

Main activities

• Strengthening the technical, organizational, and management capacities of local actors.

• Public awareness and communication.

• Supplies of energy efficiency equipment (dissemination of improved cookstoves).

• Reforestation and defensive action.

• Bushfire fighting.

Establishment of the departmental nursery
Ceremony of distribution of improved stoves
National Tree Day, project launch
Mesh around the experimental perimeter


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