• Climate Change

Increasing the adaptive capacity of the local population by raising their awareness and providing them with improved stoves & domestic biogas units

  • Context

POPULATION : 150 000

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This project aims to strengthen the resilience of the population of the department of Gossas through the
preservation of forest areas, reforestation, the creation of green spaces, and the use of renewable solar energy. The implementation is done through a set of actions which include raising awareness and training local actors.

The gender-inclusive project relied on women to preserve the department’s only forest by raising their awareness, providing them with improved stoves that allowed them to cook with less firewood, and by installing domestic biogas units that avoid the use of firewood altogether. This way, the initiative contributes to increasing the adaptive capacity of the local population, reducing ecosystem degradation through the restoring and conserving of vegetation cover, and improving health by reducing household consumption of firewood and charcoal.

A strong collaboration between the Department of Gossas and the national government that funded part of the project was key to the success of this initiative. The initiative contributed to the country’s NDC in relation to supporting local adaptation initiatives and mainstreaming adaptation

  • Key Factor
    • Multi-level Governance for adaptation
    • Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting
    • Mainstreaming adaptation


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