2020 has marked the beginning of a decisive decade for climate action to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. As the urgency to act increases by the day, cooperation between all levels of government and regions’ leadership is crucial. In this sense, regional governments must strengthen their commitments to act differently, more boldly and ambitiously to build a resilient, sustainable future.  

On 28 April RegionsAdapt gathered member regional governments to present the achievements of the initiative since COP21, discuss the disclosure process for 2021, and most importantly, exchange on the current needs and priorities of regional governments to shape the future of RegionsAdapt, and bring together a stronger community leading climate adaptation at the upcoming COP26 in November.

RegionsAdapt Strategy Meeting on 28 April

In the coming months, RegionsAdapt will be developing new actions to support international visibility, implementation, and cooperation amongst regional governments through advocacy, policy, as well as monitoring and evaluation. This includes the creation of the RegionsAdapt Community of Practice to foster exchange of experiences and capacity-building.

In addition, RegionsAdapt will be strongly involved in the Race To Resilience campaign as official partner. The UNFCCC Climate Champions’ campaign has the goal of safeguarding 4 billion people vulnerable to climate risks by 2030, by helping frontline communities to build resilience and catalysing action by non-state actors. 

In this sense, Regions4 aims to bring forward the leadership and experiences of regional governments working on adaptation and building resilience in their territories. More specifically, Regions4 aims at enlarging the community of subnational leaders within RegionsAdapt by COP26, to present their enhanced commitments for adaptation, showcase innovative actions and report on regional achievements.

We encourage regions worldwide to join us in this global effort!

To join Regions4 and RegionsAdapt, and learn about our actions to bring climate adaptation to the centre of the global agenda, please contact with RegionsAdapt Project Officer at mgarcia@regions4.org

Members wishing to join the RegionsAdapt Preparatory Meeting for COP26 on 1 June, please also contact mgarcia@regions4.org.