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  • Climate Change

Increasing the adaptive capacity of the local population by raising thecro-basins of the Rio Grande in Lucanas

  • Context

GDP (US$): 3,243 M$


  • Initiative

The objective of this initiative, developed by the Regional Mancomunidad of the Andes, is the recovery of the water regulation capacity in the Huac Huas, Llauta, Laramate, Ocaña, San Pedro de Palco, Otoca, Leoncio Prado, Saisa, Santa Lucia, and San Cristóbal micro-watersheds, tributaries of the Rio Grande in Lucanas-Ayacucho.

In order to meet this objective, actions have been carried out to recover the forest cover in the headwaters of the watersheds, to create artificial reservoirs for rainwater storage, and to train the beneficiary populations in the sustainable management of natural resources. These activities promote the resilience of agriculture during droughts or low-flow periods, sustaining the local economies, and contributing to the sustainable use of natural resources, such as forest products.

The Regional Mancomunidad of the Andes is the result of the association of the regional governments of Apurímac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, lca and Junín, which have worked in collaboration with several city councils from south Ayacucho, together with local rural communities, to implement this project that involved a direct investment of US$ 3.9 million.

  • Key Factor
    • Multi-level Governance for adaptation
    • Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting
    • Mainstreaming adaptation


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