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Water security and biodiversity, promoting and encouraging the planting of native forests for economic use

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GDP (US$): 568,000 M$

POPULATION: 43 000 000

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Launched in June 2015 by the government of São Paulo, the Nascentes programme is the most innovative initiative to address one of the worst water scarcity crises to hit São Paulo, directly impacting public water supply. The initiative is São Paulo’s first major Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EBA) project and combines biodiversity protection with water security.

The objective of the programme is to protect water supply springs and degraded areas by promoting and encouraging the planting of native forests for economic use. This will also guarantee income for small producers. The restoration goal of 20,000 ha, with more than 33 million seedlings planted, was exceeded in 2020, and more than 400 municipalities benefited.

The program encompasses voluntary planting and compliance with legal obligations, and its development included the setup of several instruments, including the Bank of Available Areas for Restoration, the Shelf of Projects approved by the state, and the Conversion of fines into environmental services. The initiative relies on a large partnership of small landowners and large companies, the state government, as well as on the direct participation of several state secretariats, municipal governments, and non-governmental entities.

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    • Multi-level Governance for Adaptation
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    • Mainstreaming Adaptation
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Programa Nascentes


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