MAIA as an impact multiplier

The MAIA project aims to act as an impact multiplier of climate research projects funded under the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes.

The aim of the project is to make the current dispersed knowledge more interoperable, accessible, and usable, and render the outcomes more economically sustainable.




  • The role of Regions4 in MAIA and opportunities for our members

    • Activate the communication between our regional network with the wider European Union scientific community and actors to allow for shaping climate policies and help to consolidate a new network between organisations in need of support, and organisations providing solutions. 
    • Connect our regional network and global partners with the ‘MAIA Marketplace’, which will be a European community of innovation and technology programmes.​​
    • Organise a series of policy-science dialogues and policy roundtables to support awareness raising on best climate science and identify research gaps and key drivers for change.
    • Connect our regional network to the MAIA project to allow for peer learning, technical exchange, training activities, and cooperation opportunities.

Regions4 – Partner in the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change

To sustain Regions4 shift towards supporting its members to implement the Regions4/Race to Resilience commitments, Regions4 has varied its sources of income in 2022 and applied alongside other partners to project implementation funding proposals to support regional governments put in practice efficient and effective adaptation pathways and solutions. 

Regions4 is now part of two consortiums that have been granted funding under the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change Horizon Europe Work Programme: Maximising the Impact and Synergy of European Climate Change Research and Innovation (MAIA) and Pathways2Resilience (P2R).

Through these projects, Regions4 European members will be able to benefit from systematised research sources, funding opportunities, and guidance in developing their climate resilience action plans, and at the same time, Regions4 will democratise the knowledge and tools with the regions outside the EU to also advance their climate action and resilience.

>>> Learn more about the EU Mission on Adaptation here.


The communication summarising the key project achievements in 2022-2023, the work planned for 2024-2025, as well as the opportunities for the EU Mission climate projects and stakeholders to profit from the MAIA tools and services is available here.



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    Mariana Trinidad Corvaro, responsible
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