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Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity will gather from 3 May to 13 June to advance in the negotiations for what will be the global biodiversity framework of the upcoming decade. 

Regions4 as coordinator of the Advisory Committee on Subnational Governments to the CBD, is actively following the negotiations held at the subsidiary bodies on implementation (SBI-3) and scientific, technical, and technological advice (SBSTTA-24), to advocate for the recognition of subnational action for nature, through a more explicit reference to the role of local and subnational governments throughout the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

At the opening of the SBSTTA-24 Plenary on 3 May, the intervention of local and regional governments was delivered by Ms. Lévesque, from the Government of Québec on behalf of the Advisory Committee on Subnational Governments, Regions4 and the Edinburgh Process Partners. The intervention in French/English can be accessed here and the video is also available online (from 0:55:40 onwards).

Regional leadership and action, more crucial than ever

As partners of the Edinburgh Process and its resulting Edinburgh Declaration, Regions4 and the AC SNG strongly believe that the contribution of the existing Plan of Action (2011-2020) to global biodiversity must be built upon within the new post-2020 framework so that biodiversity is firmly placed on a path to recovery and resilience with subnational governments’ engagement.

As key implementers of the global targets, we call for a new framework that is more inclusive of the regional level of government and provides the resources for its implementation in our territories.

To that end, what can your government do?

1. Sign the Edinburgh Declaration, our joint advocacy mechanism to request a post-2020 global biodiversity framework which includes a dedicated and stepped-up decision for subnationals, as well as a renewed Plan of Action toward 2030 to be adopted at COP15.

By doing so you will be joining over 180 governments and organisations who have already signed to call for a multi-stakeholder platform that ensures representation of subnational governments, cities, and local authorities to support the implementation of the new framework.

Among our members, signatories include Azuay, Basque Country, Campeche, Catalonia, Jalisco, Québec, Scotland, Wales, Bretagne, Navarre, São Paulo and the Consortium of Provincial Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE).

Help us gather more voices!

To sign, please send an e-mail with the following details:


Subject: ED Signature + [name of your government]

Message: Confirmation that your government wish to sign the Edinburgh Declaration and provide the details: full name of the signatory (representative), organisation, position within the organization, level of representation (e.g. subnational, regional, city, local authority) and the signatory category (i.e. i) Subnational, city, local authority signatory). **NOTE: You will go through a short vetting process to authenticate the representation and will then receive confirmation when your government has been added to the list of signatories. 

2. Spread the word and invite other governments and organisations to support the Declaration and our joint advocacy efforts. You can do so by launching a press release, communicating your signature through social media, or directly emailing your contacts.

3. Liaise with the CBD National Focal Points to seek further support. Regions4 leaders who have already signed the Edinburgh Declaration are kindly invited to inform their CBD National Focal Points of your sponsorship, asking them to advance the aims of subnational governments for biodiversity over the coming decade. 

4. Join the Advisory Committee on Subnational Governments and Biodiversity and the Regions4 Biodiversity Learning Platform to continue channelling regions’ voice into the CBD, while making the most of our knowledge exchange and capacity-building opportunities.  

Further information

Should you have any questions or would like to share your actions on biodiversity in your territory, please do not hesitate to contact Renata Gómez, Biodiversity Programme Manager at 

Should you wish to learn more about the Edinbugh Declaration and why to join, read Regions4’s article:
A new milestone for the subnational advocacy for nature

The Declaration is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese among others.