What is the Race to Resilience?

The Race to Resilience is a UN-backed global campaign led by the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action’s High-Level Climate Champions. Launched in January 2021, its goal is to catalyze a significant shift in global ambition for climate resilience.

Through partner coalitions and initiatives, the campaign mobilizes non-state actors, including companies, cities, regions, and financial institutions. The objective is to build the resilience of 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities to climate risks by 2030.


  • Demonstrate your region’s climate leadership

    by joining RegionsAdapt and the Race to Resilience.

  • 70+ states and regions

    impacting over 300 million citizen, are delivering ambitious adaptation actions Discover the list of members here 

  • Explore our RegionsAdapt Reports

    to see how Regions committing to the Race to Resilience deliver tangible actions and progress reporting.

RegionsAdapt, the official platform to engage States and Regions in the Race to Resilience

Given their pivotal role bridging national and local levels, as well as in the urban-rural interface, subnational governments play a key role in facilitating coordination and ensuring policy coherence. They not only innovate and craft ambitious plans for adaptation but also stand at the forefront, actively catalyzing essential changes to enhance the long-term resilience of vulnerable communities. To underscore their leadership and demonstrate participation in this global movement, subnational governments are encouraged to join the Race to Resilience through the RegionsAdapt initiative.

In 2021, RegionsAdapt, a pioneering global initiative dedicated to inspiring and supporting subnational governments in increasing climate adaptation and resilience, proudly became a partner initiative of the Race to Resilience. As a key partner, RegionsAdapt now spearheads efforts to actively involve subnational governments (states, regions, and provinces), in the collective endeavor to elevate ambitions in climate adaptation and address the challenges posed by climate change.


The organization undertakes this responsibility by making the following pledges:

RegionsAdapt Pledge to the Race To Resilience


> More information available in our flyer in English, French and Spanish.

>> Learn more about the RegionsAdapt x Race to Resilience partnership in 2022 

How to Join the Race to Resilience through RegionsAdapt ?

With over 70 signatory members positively influencing the lives of more than 300 million citizens, RegionsAdapt is catalyzing a global movement for ambition in adaptation.  Explore the list of joined members and join us!


The RegionsAdapt initiative is open to all governments between local and national levels worldwide, welcoming entities of any size and regardless of their current stage in implementing climate policies.

While there’s no financial cost, States and Regions looking to showcase their leadership in climate adaptation and actively participate in the Race to Resilience through RegionsAdapt are encouraged to make the four following commitments. These commitments, aligned with the UNFCCC Adaptation Cycle, underscore the importance of dedicated efforts to building resilience on a global scale :


Joining RegionsAdapt and the Regions Race to Resilience is simple!

  • Contact us at regionsadapt@regions4.org or complete the online adhesion form.
  • Ensure your organization commits to the four specified commitments.
  • Following confirmation, expect a follow-up call and a public announcement of your commitment on Regions4 and Race to Resilience social media platforms.

RegionsAdapt keeps the Race to Resilience informed about its members’ annual progress and contributions. Through engagement with member regions and stakeholders, using tools like the CDP States and Regions questionnaire and BC3 interviews, RegionsAdapt gathers both quantitative and qualitative feedback. This process provides valuable insights into local challenges, successes, and the overall context, enriching the reporting process. At the end of each cycle, RegionsAdapt analyzes data, highlights trends, and showcases innovative solutions in its annual report. This report, a comprehensive overview of collective efforts, is shared with the Race to Resilience, contributing to the global dialogue on climate adaptation and resilience.

Why join the Race to Resilience campaign through RegionsAdapt?

  • Demonstrate leadership in becoming part of the global movement to tackle climate change and build resilience.

  • Join a dynamic network of regional governments to share knowledge and innovative best practices on adaptation and resilience.

  • Join an inclusive global campaign and connect to initiatives, partnerships and opportunities on resilience and adaptation.

  • Participate in a robust metrics framework which will enable to transparently assess a credible, robust commitment to resilience and measure progress.

  • Increase you visibility and recognition, by sharing your best practices through publications, events and campaigns such as #RegionsVoice or #WhatsAtState.

  • Access useful tools and events: participate in our RegionsAdapt Community of Practice webinars, or stay up-to-date with latest information, opportunities and resources through our dedicated newsletter.

  • Participate in shaping a common voice, by joining RegionsAdapt advocacy actions and collective messaging to better position the key role and expertise of regions in relation to climate adaptation. 

  • Contribute to putting resilience at the centre of the COPs narrative by placing resilience on par with climate mitigation.

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    Learn more about the Race to Zero

    Race to Zero  – the sibling campaign to Race to Resilience focused on reaching a Net Zero Future – is the UN-backed global campaign rallying non-state actors – including companies, cities, regions, financial and educational institutions – to take rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer zero-carbon world in time. It was launched in 2019, also by the High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action.

    All members are committed to the same overarching goal: reducing emissions across all scopes swiftly and fairly in line with the Paris Agreement, with transparent action plans and robust near-term targets.Regions wishing to join the Race to Zero can contact Under 2 Coalition: www.theclimategroup.org/join-race-to-zero