• Climate Change

LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 is the Basque Country’s most significant climate action project for the next few years.

  • Context

GDP (US$): 3,398 M$

POPULATION: 2 199 711

  • Initiative

Urban Klima 2050 is the largest climate action project developed in the Basque Country. It aims to implement the Climate Change Strategy of the Basque Country to 2050, KLIMA 2050, in the urban context. To this end, the project aims to advance climate governance at all administrative levels through the development of action plans linked to the strategy as well as to promote the integration of climate change in different sectoral policies, such as land use and urban planning, health, water resource management and energy. Urban Klima 2050 is a demonstrative and action-oriented project in which case studies are being developed as laboratories for adaptation to climate change. The application of organic farming, the renaturation of a dam, the creation of an urban marsh, or a flooded forest, are some examples of planned actions that will be implemented over 6 years.

The project, coordinated by the Basque Government’s public environment agency, Ihobe, also involves the regional agencies and departments responsible for the management of water resources, energy, health, and ports. Other members of the project are the three provincial governments, 7 municipalities, and 5 research and technology centres.

The project represents a direct investment of 19.8 million euros through the EU-LIFE project and 51%
co‑financing from the European Union. In addition, the project is expected to contribute to mobilising an
additional 625 million euros.

Key Factor

  • Multi-level Governance for adaptation
  • Adaptation Finance
  • Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Mainstreaming adaptation




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