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Promoting collaborative action between levels of government

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GDP (US$): 5,600 M$

POPULATION: 4 500 00

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The initiative aimed to improve the capacity of degraded forests for climate resilience, food security, water availability, and the sustainable production and use of fuelwood. Other objectives included improving the production of food, fodder, organic fertiliser for soil and the restoration of coastal areas, as well as depleted forests and marginal lands through agroforestry land-use system. The project also aimed to improve capacity building of forest communities in nursery and plantation techniques, fabrication of clean cook stoves, and the production of briquette (bio fuel) from rice, coconut husk, and shells of palm kernel.

Established in 2017, the Sustainable Fuelwood Management (SFM) project promotes collaborative action between levels of government, namely the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Energy Commission, three state governments in Nigeria (Cross River, Delta and Kaduna), the Global Environment Facility, and the United Nations Development Programme. The project also involves different stakeholders, including the civil society, the forestry community, business, and academia, through a partnership platform of collaborative negotiation, planning, and the implementation of projects.

The project entailed an investment of US$ 20 million and its numerous outcomes ranged such as increased forest and cropland area, gender-sensitive training, capacity building to landlord communities on nursery and plantation crop cultivation within woodlots and restoration of degraded areas. So far over 65 hectares of degraded forest and marginal lands have been regenerated. Trained community members are developing private tree nurseries for commercial purposes and over 70 women have been trained so far.

  • Key Factor
    • Multi-level Governance for adaptation
    • Mainstreaming adaptation
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